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Chatbot built with Tidio

Request a chatbot built specifically for your business. Powered by Tidio, which is one of the best Live Chat platforms, able to guarantee safety and ease of access wherever you are. You will have a personal dashboard, access from the dedicated app and many other functions such as e-mail marketing campaigns and subscribers management.


Chat Set-Up
  • Installation on site
  • Tidio Set-Up
  • Live Chat
  • Action Plan


Custom Automation
  • 30 Conversation Steps
  • Flow Design
  • Action Plan
  • 7 days of assistance


Full Automation
  • 70 Conversation Steps
  • Flow Design
  • Action Plan
  • 7 days of assistance

What is Tidio?

Tidio's Platform

It is one of the best Live Chat platforms on the market. It gives you the opportunity to be in contact with your visitors. It allows the construction of chatbots and the scheduling of e-mail marketing campaigns.

Why use Tidio?

Count on a Chatbot expert

It is not enough to choose the right platform. You need to invest in an effective chatbot that can capture the attention of your visitors. Converting a visitor into a real customer is the biggest challenge. One of the missing pieces is the chatbot which will always be available to answer possible questions, offer discounts, gather the necessary information and much more.

How much does Tidio cost?

The costs of having a chatbot

An expert will create the best chatbot for your website. Like your website, platforms also need resources to ensure the functionality of your chatbots. Tidio is one of the very few platforms that offers a free plan that can be upgraded to a paid plan when needed. You can read more about the limits of the free plan in the FAQs below.

the answers you are looking for

Ask me anything

To install the Chat Bot, I will need to log into your website. You will need to create a user with admin permissions. Alternatively, I can provide you with a script that you or your Web Master can add to Google Tag Manager and that's it. Don't worry, you will be asked for all the necessary information during the order. All information provided will remain strictly confidential.

A ChatBot simulates a human conversation by answering to certain phrases with programmed responses. If you want to find out more about it, a page has been created that explains in detail what a chatbot is and why you need it.

You can do this from a specific app created for this purpose. It can be installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. You will be notified when a visitor wants to contact you and you can respond immediately.

Nobody wants to waste time answering to the same questions. Chatbots can handle a large number of requests simultaneously and without waiting. What could you get? More time to devote yourself to something else and a loyal customer. If you want to find out more, a page has been created that explains in detail what a chatbot is and why you need it.

Yes, I can create a multilingual chatbot. Contact me for more information.

Basically all websites: WordPress, Shopify, PestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, html websites, php etc… For Wix websites you will need to have a Wix Pro plan. It cannot be installed on Tumblr pages.

Integration with AgileCRM, Zendesk Sell, Mailchimp, Hubspot, PipeDrive, Zendesk is included on request with the Standard / Premium package. If you want to integrate with Zapier or a third-party app that is not listed above, contact me.

The costs for the creation of your chatbot by an expert is independent from the operation of Tidio. With Tidio's Basic plan, bots can have unlimited chats with 100 unique visitors every month for FREE. Multiple visits from the same user are counted only once. This is more than enough for a standard user. If you have high traffic, the plans can be updated from Tidio's website. Live Chat has no limits.

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